After thousands of dollars on acne products and dermatology appointments.  Left with still a serious acne problem.  Mere frustration sent me to start research the skin.  I learned that the skin is the organ of our body,  and how it is meant to protect us.  Realizing the chemicals that I had paid for and put on my children's body to try and clear acne, lead to extreme guilt.  So with my new found knowledge and determination,  I created this acne cream, sent it back to college with my very skeptical daughter.  ( whose acne was so bad, its the type you would see on acne commercials).  I was in total  disbelief, when I received a call from my daughter a few months later that her face looked fabulous and that she needed more and so did her roommates , who also loved it.   And so there it began....  My goal is to solve your skin problems.  The results have been amazing!
                    Our mission is to provide natural products that allow your skin to be healthy and feel great.  Forget harsh chemicals, we use all natural products here at Opulence Natural Skincare.